Franchisee Case Study

Paul, South West

This questionnaire was sent to a recent Franchisee after the initial 6 month trading period. The Franchisee was asked to reply to 5 questions.

What made you decide to consider a Franchise?

Having worked in the building and associated industries for over 25 years, I found the last 8 years sole destroying. Difficulties in progressing through the ranks, poor wages and no longer able to fulfil my ambition and use my own initiative, resulted in time for a change. I had always wanted to be self employed, but with family and financial commitments I needed to make the move with limited risk and a guarantee of continuity of work and income. A Franchise was an option and spent almost 2 years in trying to find something both suitable and affordable.

What field of Franchise were you looking for?

I thought the field of Franchise to consider was in Building, Maintenance and associated works. This was not easy and offers were fairly limited. I did not want to sell, as such, nor travel great distances. I could not afford to spend months training for aspects of work that were new to me and really hoped to find something that would ensure my work would make a difference in the community and something I could develop and work on my own initiative.

Why did you choose SCS?

I chose SCS, and am so glad I did. When I read the advert it seemed to good to be true and at a price I could afford. From the name of the company it seemed exactly what I was looking for and clearly explained that the actual work which be suited to my abilities and competence. Being a people person, I felt comfortable that I could make a difference, help a growing part of the community and earn a good living.

How did you find the start up process in getting your business started?

I received my Franchise pack within three days. I was not pestered or bombarded with e mails and telephone calls. I returned my initial enquiry form and was then contacted to fix an interview date, locally to me. I was very impressed with the service on offer. I was not pressured in any way as they seemed more interested in finding the right people and just not selling their franchise. With the help, support and guidance on offer together with the flexibility of the franchise I was keen to get started. I was then given time to consider the proposition, before committing myself and after making my decision was fully operational in around 6 weeks.

Are you satisfied with your decision and would you recommend it to others?

Since my start date in November 2015, I can honestly say I have never looked back. Excellent support, all promotion and marketing is dealt with and all I had to do was answer my phone and carry out the works. Paperwork is kept to an absolute minimum, fortunately for me as this is not my strong point. It has provided me with everything I was looking for and wasn’t getting in my previous employment. The freedom of being my own boss and earning far more than I could have expected.

I would most certainly have no hesitation in recommending this to others. Of course it takes hard work and dedication but the lifestyle this has created for me is fantastic and I am looking forward to growing my business for many years to come.

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